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The centre was founded on March 02, 2018 by Dr. Klara Anna Capova and Prof. Elias Chatzitheodoridis with one ambition: to set up an European online astrobiology resource framework dedicated to raising awareness of astrobiology research and related space sciences and their societal aspects, and to provide access to quality scientific information to any interested subject now and in the future.


Invitation To The European Astrobiology Institute

Dear Astrobiologists, In addition to the long-standing “European Astrobiology Network Association (EANA)”, several new European networking initiatives have been launched over the last years, such as the COST Action “Origins and Evolution of Life on Earth in the Universe” (http://www.life-origins.com/), the Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership “European Astrobiology Campus” (http://astrobiology-campus.eu/) and the FP7 project “AstRoMap”. The European …

Astrobiology and Society in Europe Today

This White Paper describes the state of Astrobiology in Europe today and its relation to European society at large. With contributions from authors in twenty countries and over thirty scientific institutions worldwide, the document illustrates the societal implications of astrobiology and the positive contribution that astrobiology can make to European society. The White Paper has …

Molecules To Microbes” NoR HGT & LUCA Conference, Athens, Greece

The exact origin of life remains an unfathomable mystery, however this does not mean that it will always remain so. Given that life on Earth did emerge, there must have been physico-chemical reactions that allowed this to happen – in the absence of an omnipotent “being” or an extraordinary event, whereby life arose, once only, …