Our Team

Dr Klara Anna Capova

Primary Investigator, Co-founder of the Astrobiology and Society Resource Centre
Honorary Research Fellow, Department of Anthropology, Durham University, UK

Klara Anna Capova is an anthropologist working in science and technology studies, specialising in the social study of astrobiology and anthropology of outer space. Having examined the scientific search for life beyond earth in her doctoral dissertation, she studies the human relations to outer space, popular perceptions of science, and the societal context of space exploration. An honorary research associate at Durham University, she collaborates in various international scholarly initiatives and serves on the Scientific Organising Committee of the International Working Group on Astrobioethics. Most recently, she co-edited the volume Astrobiology and Society in Europe Today (Springer, 2018). She is the founder of Space Cultures, a digital research project, and the co-founder and primary investigator of the online European Astrobiology and Society Resource Centre (EASRC).

Personal website: www.klaraannacapova.org

Prof Elias Chatzitheodoridis

Co-founder of the Astrobiology and Society Resource Centre
Associate Professor in Mineralogy & Petrology, Geology/Martian Meteorites Research/Analytical Instrumentation, National Technical University of Athens
Website: http://www.eliasch.gr